Client Branding Growth Program

Yes, we have launched our Client Branding Growth Program starting May 1, 2023. Before we introduce what it is, and what you can get. Let’s analyze the current situation of the electronic cigarette industry.

The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the electronic cigarette industry is no exception. Big distributors have mastered more sales channels, which makes many small distributors, vape store managers, and online shops have less voice, and at the same time pay more expensive purchase prices, $6? $7? $8, or even $15 pcs.

Now, you see the problem and want higher profits, OEM/ODM own brand is the only way out. But there is a new worry, how can my brand be introduced to the market?

We are here to help!

Who We Are? Why Choose Us?

Best OEM & ODM Vape Manufacturers

Trivial introduction, I don’t like it, but here it goes again.

It’s a little different this time, and I want to tell you more about the real situation.

Our company was established in 2017, but we have been in the vape industry for more than 10 years. Our team comes from many well-known brands, Voopoo, Smok, Geekvape, Uwell…We clearly know every detail of 20+ components on a disposable vape, and even how to make them a perfect finished product by hand.

And Last week, We collaborated on some products with YOOZ, a big brand focusing on the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, you can find those products on our OEM Lists.

Having said so much, I mainly want to tell you that We Are Professional.

Okay, I know you want to know how to start your own brand, so let’s get to the point.

What is Rosedalekb Vape Client Branding Growth Program?

To put it simply, you OEM/ODM products from us, and we put your brand products on most posts of our website.

You may be worried, will this work?

Let’s look at some data first.

We have more than 180,000 visitors per month on our website. Most are 2C customers. and This number is still growing.

As you can see, We Do have many buyer traffic like: Best Disposable Vape, ranks TOP in Google, and bring us 2,1430 true vapors who want to buy disposable products with only one page. (If we cooperate, Your products will list on our TOP 10 Recommends and all other posts.)

Now, You may wonder, Will they really want to buy? 

The answer is YES! Many many visitors contact us to want to buy. But we only OEM/ODM Vape for business clients, we don’t serve single customers.

Who can get benefits from Rosedalekb Vape Client Branding Growth Program

Not everyone can get benefits from our Client Branding Growth Program.

  1. Only USA clients – Cos most traffic on our website are US visitors, Other countries may open in future.
  2. Only our OEM/ODM clients

So, If you have any more questions. Don’t hesitate to send us an email.

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