how to work with us

The trend as we can see, there are more and more people want to join the blue ocean market of vaping. Our DreamWorks program provides you with a good opportunity, as long as you have dream with your own sales methods and channels, we can help you make your dream to be realized.

Become a distributor

You can apply to be our agent to directly sell our own brands products with great advantages..

What's included?

become a regional agent

when your sales channes and abilities are strong enough, you will be qualified as our “national agent” for all sales in your local national market.

What's included?

Brand development

You will be able to have your own brand.

What's included?

Robert $380,000

The cumulative sales amount $380,000 since april 2022 in thailand

Timmy $220,000

The cumulative sales amount $220,000 since January 2022 in USA

Smiths $320,000

The cumulative sales amount $320,000 since july 2022 in indonesia

Wistone $280,000

The cumulative sales amount $280,000 since March 2022 in germany

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